Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finlandia University Exhibition

Travelling Journal Project

Where: Reflections Gallery, Jutila Center, Finlandia University, Hancock, MI

Dates: January 10th-30th

Reception: Thursday, Jan. 20th at 12:30 PM

The travelling journal project is a collaborative art experiment with an online component (www.travellingjournalproject.blogspot.com ), the actual journals that will be originated by one artist and passed to other artists. The experiment will culminate with a travelling art show during 2011. The show is organized by the Young Women's Caucus for the Arts group at Finlandia University. Learn more about the YWC at http://youngwc.blogspot.com/

The journals were hand made or purchased. The journals could be in a traditional form or they may unfold into a wall piece or sculpture...or scroll. The originator could have chosen a topic or theme for their journal to pass. The originator also chose 5-7 people that they want to pass the journal to. They were also assigned a blog link that they can then customize and pass the info along to their journal participants--who will either scan or photograph what they did in the journal and post it...with any other comments/observations about the project.

The project began on Sept. 15th and continued until Dec. 15th (all journals sent to the originator, then back to me by January 1st), Any media may have been used in the journals, as long as they could travel safely and still be closed into a relatively flat book. Friends or family of each participant are also invited to make pages while that participant has the book. So while a book might only travel to 7 addresses, at each address, the number of people making pages is limited only by the person who has received the book, their friends, and the length of time until the next "mail to" date when the book has to travel.

The show at Finlandia Univerisity's reflection gallery will also include journals that have travelled from East to West Coast, some from outside of the US, and some that travelled locally. In addition to the travelling journals, some participants did additional collaborative projects and book/journal related artworks that will help to round out the show.

--Melissa Hronkin
Young Women's Caucus
Press Contact

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